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  • G. Segev, C. M. Jiang, I. D. Sharp, “Quantification of the loss mechanisms emerging water splitting photoanodes through empirical extraction of the spatial charge collection efficiency”, Energy & Environmental Science, 2018.

  • G. Segev, H. Dotan, D. Ellis, I. Piekner, D. Klotz, J. Beeman, J. K. Cooper, D. Grave, I. Sharp and A. Rothschild, “Empirical extraction of the spatial separation and collection efficiency of photogenerated charge carriers in photovoltaic and photoelectrochemical devices”, Joule, 2018.

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  • G. Segev, J.W. Beeman, J.B. Greenblatt, , and I.D. Sharp, Hybrid photoelectrochemical and photovoltaic cells for simultaneous production of chemical fuels and electrical power. Nature Materials, 2018, 17, 1115–1121

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